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Welcome to the OPLx Home Page. This page mainly focuses on programming the Yamaha OPL2, OPL3 FM synthesizer chips available on most PC sound cards. OPL4 information will become available when I find the time to write code for it.

For the time being, these pages will serve as reference pages for individuals who are looking for FM programming information based on the OPL family of FM synthesizer chips from Yamaha. Hopefully, I will have time to write programs of my own. But don't expect anything! ;-)

Contact: oplx at yahoo.com

Chip Programming Information and Programs
FM Chip type Description
OPL   (YM3526) 2-operator mono FM Synthesis
OPL2 (YM3812) 2-operator mono FM Synthesis
OPL3 (YMF262) 4-operator "stereo" FM Synthesis
OPL4 (YMF278B) same as OPL3, but with Wavetable

My Programs


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DriverGuide.com - search here for hard to find drivers
Windrivers.com - search here for Windows related drivers

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Adlib Music Archive - This site contains some very nice Adlib (OPL2) tunes captured from various old DOS games. It's definately worth checking out.

JuceOPLVSTi - This site is for a VST instrument using the DOSBox OPL2 emulation.

JSynthLib - A really nice general purpose Synth Librarian and Patch Editor.

Sytrus - It's really hard to describe Sytrus; you just have to hear to it for yourself!

Native Instruments' FM8 - if you're *really* into FM synthesis buy this program.  It is amazing and definitely worth it.  Not to mention that with it you'll no longer have to have vintage OPLx hardware to explore FM.

Malfunction's FM Synthesis Heaven - another FM synthesis page. If you can't find it here, you'll probably find it there!

FM Sound Generator Specification Library - lists practically all the FM synthesizer chips made by Yamaha.

Yamaha LSI

Creative Labs



IMS Revival Project(Korean)


SOUNDSHOCK a nice discussion forum on FM Synthesis

Last updated: May 3, 2021