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As you can see, there currently is very little information on the OPL (YM3526) here.  Primarily because I've never seen or owned this chip.  Incidentally, the OPL2(YM3812) is 100% backwards compatible with the YM3526 when bit 5 from the address register map 0x1 is set to 0.  From what I gather from the YM3812 application manual, the YM3526 only has one type of waveform which is the sine wave.

The only device that I've heard of that uses this chip is the Commodore C64/C128 Sound Expander cartridge; there might be some arcade games/machine that use it too.

If I get motivated, I might have some audio samples of what the YM3526 sounds like.  I actually don't own one, so I'm just going to setup my YM3812 to YM3526 mode and toy around.

Since the YM3812 is 100% backwards compatible with the YM3526, Jeffrey Lee's YM3812 documentation should be adequate for a YM3526 programming reference.  Just remember to set bit 5 off on the YM3812!  ;-)

If you have a few short audio samples to contribute or any additional information, please let me know.


Programming the Adlib/Sound Blaster FM Music Chips by Jeffrey S. Lee

Online HTML document from Author's web page
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Yamaha LSI's OPL(YM3526) documentation



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